Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day One

So this is my very first post. I want to keep family and friends updated on my pregnancy and life in general. && i've always wanted to try blogging. So Josh and I are expecting a little one..on October 4th. My bday is Oct 1st and his is Sept 28th, so we're making bets on who's birthday the baby will come! Josh wants a boy and I honestly don't have a preference because i want one of each at some point. We had our first ultrasound last week and confirmed that I am now, 10 weeks an 4 days. We also got to hear out little one's heartbeat. It was so surreal, we were so excited! He/she looked like a little snowman on the ultrasound pictures. Our families are soo excited! My sisters and brothers especially, it is their first time being an aunt or uncle..also my step mom and dads first grandchild out of 6 kids!
I never thought I would be the first one to have a baby! 
Josh and I had been engaged for a few months and were planning a September wedding..well plans changed suprisingly:) We are now having a spring wedding, April 23rd. Either way, we are excited to be married and start a life together as a family:) We joke because our whole relationship we had plans and things we wanted to do..each time our plans would fall through and we would be suprised by something we weren't expecting! So we always say we're done planning and we're going to trust God and go with the flow! It's more fun that way i think:)


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