Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A rainy weekend..

Josh and I and his momma went to New York to see Madison for the weekend. We stayed at his Aunt Gloria's house like we always do whn we go up there. We had a lot of fun, except it was soo rainy most of the time. We went on walks in the country, saw horses in somone's front yard, went to the local store and for wagon rides. haha, there isn't much to do in the small town of Sherman, but seeing family and getting away for a few days is always fun and relaxing.  Sherman is such a small town, one school K-12, one park, one local market etc..i always pictured living in a small town, but i would prefer to live in the South, small town or not. As long as i have a cute house on some land for all my kiddos to play, and a front porch to have my coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise..i think i will be happy :):) I just love the small town feeling and i love the south. Here ae some pictures of our mini trip to see Madison :)

Now for tomorrow, Josh and I find out what the sex of our little one is! Please pray for our baby to be healthy and for Josh, a boy ;) hahaha. Thanks, and i'll update sooon :)

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